Main course

Florentine pie

On a thin crispy pastry, an egg baked with spinach is an interesting option for a quick breakfast. To speed up the process, use ready-made dough, spinach can be selected fresh or frozen, sour cream can be replaced with 1 tbsp. l fat cream.

Kish French onion tart

Onion pie is a hearty and fragrant pastry that can replace the main course. The main ingredient of the filling is ordinary onion, but you can add fish, bacon, and various vegetables to it.

The invention of a nourishing pie with onions belongs to practical Germans, but in 1766 Alsace-Lorraine became a French province. Baking called quiche Lorraine, and now this dish is considered an iconic dish of French cuisine.



Chakhokhbili - stew from poultry, widespread in the Caucasus. Chakhokhbili - a recipe for Georgian national cuisine. The name of this dish comes from the Georgian word "Khokhobi" - pheasant. Pheasant is the national bird of Georgia, from which it was originally made chakhokhbili. The recipe then spread throughout the Caucasus. It’s quite difficult to get a pheasant, so we will tell you how to cook chakhokhbili from chicken.