Cake Canelli

Canale is a small culinary product, the signature dessert of Aquitaine and French cuisine in general. Canele has a soft and tender dough, flavored with rum and vanilla, and the outside is covered with a hard caramelized crust. The name comes from the Gascon word canelat, which means flute.

English Christmas cake

The English Christmas cake Christmas cake is a traditional favorite treat of the inhabitants of foggy Albion. Saturated with tastes of various dried fruits and nuts, generously saturated with alcohol, ripened for several weeks in a dark cool place, it turns into an incredibly delicious dessert, where the fruits look like marmalade.

Banana cheesecake

Cheesecake is a dish of European and American cuisine, which is a raw dessert from cottage cheese casserole to souffle. Although this dish is called a cake or pie, cheesecake is not a biscuit dessert: its basis is most often crushed shortbread cookies.