Baking & Desserts

Buns "Cinnabon"

The recipe for Sinabon cinnamon rolls is kept in the strictest confidence, and the best technologists have worked on its creation. It was many years ago in America in Washington state under the auspices of Ritch Komen and his son Greg. The creators say with confidence that they managed to come up with a real culinary masterpiece. The secret of taste is in a patented recipe. Firstly, wheat dough is high in gluten. Secondly, Makara cinnamon, grown in Indonesia at an altitude of five thousand meters above sea level. Third, strict production standards.

Kish French onion tart

Onion pie is a hearty and fragrant pastry that can replace the main course. The main ingredient of the filling is ordinary onion, but you can add fish, bacon, and various vegetables to it.

The invention of a nourishing pie with onions belongs to practical Germans, but in 1766 Alsace-Lorraine became a French province. Baking called quiche Lorraine, and now this dish is considered an iconic dish of French cuisine.


Banana cheesecake

Cheesecake is a dish of European and American cuisine, which is a raw dessert from cottage cheese casserole to souffle. Although this dish is called a cake or pie, cheesecake is not a biscuit dessert: its basis is most often crushed shortbread cookies.


Chocolate muffin in French

Cupcake - sweet pastries. It is usually baked in a round or rectangular shape with a protrusion in the middle. The classic cupcake recipe involves one filling - raisins. This simple baking has a huge number of variations. Instead of wheat flour, you can add semolina, you can even add kefir - for airiness. The filling depends on your taste, it can be varied: candied fruits, raisins, nuts, chocolate and other ingredients are used. Decorating a cupcake is no less important. Top baked goods sprinkled with powdered sugar, watered with chocolate, decorated with berries and fruits.