Vienna Schnitzel

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Vienna Schnitzel Vienna Schnitzel Vienna Schnitzel Vienna Schnitzel

Schnitzel - a thin cake of well-beaten veal, breaded in dry and roasted in hot cream butter. The correctly made schnitzel has a golden color and a crisp edge. the word “schnitzel”, as well as the dish itself, came to us from Germany. In German, “schnitzel” means “tenderloin” - just a piece of meat.


Veal (cue ball)
2 pieces
1 pcs
50 gr
salt, pepper, flour, milk, vegetable oil, steaming according


Vienna Schnitzel step 1
To get the right Vienna schnitzel, you need to choose the right meat. This is veal. Not pork, not lamb, not chicken. Only veal. Than gentle - the better.
Ideally - a veal paddle. It should be cut across the fibers on a piece with a thickness of two centimeters, and and a total of 250 grams. Meat is strongly beaten off, while the schnitzel does not become 3-5 mm thick.
Vienna Schnitzel step 2
Chopped off the meat a little pickle, pepper. Sprinkle with flour.
Vienna Schnitzel step 3
Release the eggs in a bowl, add salt, add 1 tablespoon of milk, 1 teaspoon of healthy oil and beat. It is good to dip the meat in the egg and toss in the breadcrumbs.
Ordinary breadcrumbs - will not work. In Austria, use the pieces of freshly dried buns.
Vienna Schnitzel step 4
Warm up the pan a little. Usually for frying, use a healthy oil - olive. But many masters use only fresh creamy butter. The schnitzel is fried from two sides, before the formation of a golden crisp. Excess fat is best dried with a napkin.
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