Turkey baked in the oven

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Turkey baked in the oven Turkey baked in the oven Turkey baked in the oven
1 day 17 hours 40 minutes


4,5 kg
150 gr
100 gr
7 pcs
150 gr
Dry spices
2 tsp
1 l
140 gr
80 gr
Bay leaf
2 pcs
10 tbsp
200 ml
1 gr
Ground coriander
2 tsp
1 tsp


To make the turkey juicy when baking, soak it in brine. We will prepare it this way: we dissolve salt and sugar in boiling water, wash my carrots, clean and cut into circles, peeled onions in rings. Put onions and carrots in brine. There we add the broken cinnamon stick, coriander, sweet peas and bay leaf.
Dip the well-washed turkey into the brine and add cold water so that the bird is completely covered with liquid. Leave the turkey to infuse in the brine for 1.5 days at room temperature. Turn the bird over from time to time.
When the necessary time has passed, we remove the turkey from the brine, wash it well and dry it with paper towels.
We soften the softened butter with your favorite spices. We rub the turkey with this mixture - inside, outside and under the skin (do it carefully so as not to tear the skin).
In a small saucepan, boil water and drop an orange into it for a couple of minutes. Then we get it, stick a clove in its peel. The head of garlic is cut into two halves across. We put inside the turkey - half the garlic, then the orange, then - the second half of the garlic. Sew the turkey with threads. We also tie turkey legs with threads.
Turkey can be baked in a large sleeve. If this is not at hand, it can be replaced with foil. The main thing is that both the sleeve and the foil do not touch the skin of the turkey. To achieve this, you can stick toothpicks into the bird.
You can bake the turkey breast up or down. In the first case, the breast will turn out much juicier and softer, but it will lose in beauty.
Preheat the oven to 220 degrees and bake the bird for 40 minutes. Then reduce the temperature to 180 degrees and bake the bird for another 3 hours (until tender). Readiness can be checked with a toothpick - if transparent juice flows out, then the turkey is ready. Half an hour before the end of baking, open the foil so that the turkey is beautifully browned.
Turn off the oven and let the bird stand there for another 20-30 minutes.
Decorate the finished dish as you wish, for example, pickled or fried vegetables, herbs, etc. And you can serve it to the festive table.