Tiramisu Cake

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Tiramisu Cake Tiramisu Cake Tiramisu Cake Tiramisu Cake Tiramisu Cake


Savoyardi cookies
100 gr
Mascarpone Cheese
250 gr
2 pcs
Powdered sugar
5 tbsp. spoons
Cold coffee
200 ml
Sweet wine (optional)
100 gr
or milk and coffee liquor (optional)
2 tbsp. spoons
Cocoa powder


Tiramisu Cake step 1
We take the chilled eggs and separate the proteins, which are then whipped into a strong foam. Add the powdered sugar (2 tbsp. Tablespoons) and beat until the proteins become very thick and stable.
Tiramisu Cake step 2
Beat the yolks, gradually adding the powdered sugar. Grind until the yolks are cream-colored.
Tiramisu Cake step 3
Mix a spoonful of yolks with cheese. Beat with a mixer.
Tiramisu Cake step 4
We introduce proteins gradually, stirring with the scapula from the bottom up in one direction.
Tiramisu Cake step 5
Prepare instant coffee in advance (you can add sweet wine or milk and coffee liquor to it). We dip the cookies in coffee for 1-2 seconds (you can count "one-two-three", see video). We spread it in a container in which we will collect dessert.
Tiramisu Cake step 6
Distribute the cream on top.
Tiramisu Cake step 7
Repeat the layers again. The remaining cream is sent to the culinary package and with the help of the nozzle we decorate the tiramisu dessert, forming peaks.
Tiramisu Cake step 8
Sprinkle tiramisu with cocoa powder using a fine sieve. To soak the tiramisu dessert, put it in the refrigerator for several hours.
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