French sausages

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French sausages French sausages French sausages French sausages

Krovyanka, it’s also French black sausages, black sausages, or, so to speak, black blood sausages, delights even people who do not like hematogen.


blood slightly acidified with citric acid or vinegar to prevent clumping and clotting
1 l
200 gr
200 gr
salted brisket, sidewall or fat
200 gr
fresh bacon
100 gr
10 gr
Allspice and black pepper, bay leaf, other spices


Mix fresh pork blood with salt - it will give the sausage a taste and protect the blood from clotting. If there are already clots in the blood, then twist them through a meat grinder or wipe through a sieve.
Cut fresh bacon into very small pieces - take 1.5 kilograms of it for 3 liters of blood.
Mix fat with blood and add all spices to taste, grind them beforehand. Forcemeat try salinity - if it turns out to be small, then add salt.
Blood with spices and fat fill the large pig intestines, which before this cleanse of mucus and fat and wash thoroughly with salt. Salt in this case will allow the intestines to get rid of the unpleasant odor.
Tie the filled intestines on both sides with harsh threads or cooking string.
Put raw black sausagesin a pot of warm water (40 degrees). Turn the heat on under the pan and let the water boil. Cook the sausage over low heat for 30-35 minutes, and then, take it to a dish to cool. If during cooking the sausage casing will inflate, then pierce it with a needle.
Such homemade black sausages can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 7 days.
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