Fettuccine with salmon

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Fettuccine with salmon Fettuccine with salmon Fettuccine with salmon Fettuccine with salmon Fettuccine with salmon
40 mins


1 pcs
300 gr
150 gr
a glass of 20%
cherry tomatoes
a sprig
green onions
a bunch
a bunch
2 pcs
70 gr
Salt and seasoning
Extra virgin olive oil
white wine
a glass


Fettuccine with salmon step 1
Cook pasta, for this, pour water into a saucepan, salt, put on fire. The exact time “schedule” of fettuccine cooking is described on the packaging of pasta, act strictly according to the instructions.
Fettuccine with salmon step 2
We turn to the fish fillet, immediately remove the skin from the fish, then proceed to slicing. Cut the fillet into cubes.
We put the pan on the fire, and pour olive oil in the pan, pour it over the eyes. We also send there a 70 gram piece of butter.
Quickly chop the washed feathers of green onions, and then pour them into a frying pan to a grating mixture of oils. The fire during frying should be small, fried onions, now we throw the chopped fish fillet, mix everything and fry for 4 minutes.
Fettuccine with salmon step 3
The washed cherry tomatoes are cut in quarters and tossed into a pan with onions and salmon, mix. We also send garlic minced meat, which can be obtained by passing the slices through a special garlic press. It's time to pour the cream, salt and add seasonings. We wrap the fire on the stove a little more and simmer the whole mixture for about 10 minutes. Before the end of cooking, pour a glass of white wine into the pan.
Fettuccine with salmon step 4
Water from the "pasta" is gone, you can transfer the future fettuccine pasta to a beautiful plate, on top of the macaroni we line a creamy-fish-vegetable mixture.
We take a grater and three parmesan, ready-made cheese "crumbs" soundly sprinkle our delicious fettuccine with salmon in a creamy sauce.
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