Buns "Cinnabon"

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Buns "Cinnabon" Buns "Cinnabon" Buns "Cinnabon"

The recipe for Sinabon cinnamon rolls is kept in the strictest confidence, and the best technologists have worked on its creation. It was many years ago in America in Washington state under the auspices of Ritch Komen and his son Greg. The creators say with confidence that they managed to come up with a real culinary masterpiece. The secret of taste is in a patented recipe. Firstly, wheat dough is high in gluten. Secondly, Makara cinnamon, grown in Indonesia at an altitude of five thousand meters above sea level. Third, strict production standards. The role that the master twists and then cuts into buns should have no more than five turns. The company's business card is the classic Sinabon with cream cheese and cinnamon. Each Cinnabon product is baked in front of visitors and served hot directly from the oven.


200 ml
Yeast (dry)
11 gr
1 tsp.
Chicken Egg
200 gr (in the dough - 1/3 cup; in the filling - 1/3 cup; in the glaze - 7-8 tablespoons)
4 stacks
Sugar (in the dough)
0.5 stack.
Brown sugar
1 stack.
Powdered sugar
1.5 stacks.
Vanilla essence
1.5 tsp.(Vanilla extract, 1 tsp in the dough; 0.5 tsp in the glaze)
4 tbsp. l
Cream cheese
1/4 stack.


Buns "Cinnabon" step 1
Mix milk, yeast, sugar. Pour pre-beaten eggs (they should be at room temperature) and softened butter. Add vanilla, mix well until smooth.
Mix the flour with salt, add to the total mass. Then add gluten there and knead the dough (so that it is not very sticky to your hands). Cover with a towel and leave for about an hour to come up.
Buns "Cinnabon" step 2
Roll out dough into a size of about 41 to reservoir 55.
Lubricate with softened butter.
Buns "Cinnabon" step 3
We prepare a powder of brown sugar and cinnamon and distribute it over the layer (I had regular sugar and I took it less than a glass. But this is for your taste).
Buns "Cinnabon" step 4
We twist the layer into a roll (the denser and smoother it turns out, the more the buns will look like the original) and divide it into buns (preferably with a thread or fishing line).
We spread on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. For maximum identity with the original, you can bake in a square shape, laying almost close to each other.
Buns "Cinnabon" step 5
We put in the oven preheated to 160 C, bake for 20 minutes before browning.
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