Buffalo Chicken Wings

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Buffalo Chicken Wings Buffalo Chicken Wings Buffalo Chicken Wings Buffalo Chicken Wings Buffalo Chicken Wings

Buffalo Wings are a popular American way of making chicken wings. They are usually deep-fried, but for an easier option, we recommend baking them in the oven. In this recipe, in addition to buffalo sauce, ginger glaze is used, but if desired, you can double the amount of piquant sauce instead.

1 hour


Chicken wings
1 kg
Tomato sauce
150 gr
Chili sauce
100 gr
100 gr
Cane sugar
2 tsp
2 Cloves
Cayenne pepper
2 tsp
ground pepper
1 tsp


Buffalo Chicken Wings step 1
Wash and dry the wings. Cut each into three parts (at the joints). The tips of the wings are not used. Cover the baking sheet with baking paper. Lubricate the paper with butter, put the wings on it. We send them to the oven for 30 minutes, the temperature is 200 degrees.
Buffalo Chicken Wings step 2
Stir the chili sauce with tomato sauce and spices. Melt the butter separately. Stir the sauce and butter until smooth. Put the mixture in the refrigerator
Buffalo Chicken Wings step 3
We transfer the baked wings to a deep pan. Pour in the sauce and mix by shaking the pan.
Buffalo Chicken Wings step 4
We again spread the wings on a baking sheet, bake for another 20 minutes at a temperature of 120 degrees. Enjoy your meal!
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