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Ajapsandal Ajapsandal Ajapsandal Ajapsandal Ajapsandal Ajapsandal

Ajapsandali - a dish of Caucasian cuisine, also found in the cuisines of the Central Asian Turkic peoples. It is prepared from the required ingredients: eggplant, tomatoes, sweet pepper, onions, garlic, a bunch of cilantro, basil, vegetable oil and salt, pepper to taste. Potatoes and hot peppers are sometimes added.



1 kg
500 gr
Sweet pepper
500 gr
250 gr
250 gr
Hot pepper
1/2 pod
1 / 2-1 heads
1 bunch
1 bunch
Purple basil
1 bunch
2 tsp.
Imereti saffron
1/2 tsp.
Black pepper
Cooking oil for frying


Ajapsandal step 1
Wash all vegetables for vegetable stew under running water and dry on a towel. In eggplant, cut off the tips, then cut each of them along in half, and then halves into semicircles with a thickness of about 1 cm.
Place the eggplant slices in a bowl, sprinkling with salt, put a little oppression on them and leave for 30 minutes. When the eggplant gives juice, drain it, rinse the eggplant and squeeze it by hand. After this treatment, the eggplant will absorb less oil when frying.
Ajapsandal step 2
Heat vegetable oil in a pan (enough to ensure that the eggplant is almost completely covered with oil). Fry the eggplant slices in portions from 2 sides until golden brown. Try the eggplant to taste. After frying, it should be ready. Transfer the fried eggplant to a large pot (cauldron or stewpan).
Ajapsandal step 3
Cut onion into half rings, carrots into thin slices, sweet pepper into strips.
Ajapsandal step 4
Add a little more vegetable oil to the pan on which the eggplants were fried, pour onion with carrots and sweet pepper. Stew vegetables until fully cooked, stirring with a spatula so that they do not burn. Transfer the stewed vegetables from the pan to the eggplant.
Ajapsandal step 5
Cut the tomatoes in half and grate.
Throw the peel of a tomato, and pour the tomato puree into a pan.
Ajapsandal step 6
Add chopped garlic and finely chopped hot pepper there. Salt, add spices and mix. Chop fresh spicy greens and lightly sauté in oil. Put to the rest of the vegetables. Simmer under the lid over low heat for about 20 minutes. This time should be enough so that all the components of ajapsandal are mixed and combined into something common, giving the usual vegetable stew a special taste and aroma. Remove the pan from the stove, let it brew and serve. Enjoy your meal!
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